Apviz 3D Configurator:
Simplifying product customization

3D Visualization, Virtual Photography, Virtual Try-On, and AR made easy!

The advantages

Why choose online 3D visualization for your products?

Self-built or tailored: Apviz online solution for 3D configurator creation.

You choose: Carry out your project either independently or with the assistance of our experts (3D design, configurator creation, UX and CX, web app development, and web integration).

Stay connected
to your customers

  • Generate 3D configurators
  • 3D product visualization
  • PBR Material (physically based rendering)
  • Jewelry dedicated materials (gems, gold)
  • Ecommerce CMS connected solution
  • Dynamic engraving and silk printing
  • Online and retail try-on and AR
  • Import with your CAD software

time to market

  • A secure and professional back-office
  • Clear interface, Easy to use
  • 30% more efficient
  • Virtual product photography
  • Share your design
  • Privately collaborate and exchange ideas with confidence

Reduce cost

  • Process automation
  • GraphQL API
  • Secure access
  • Cloud hosting
  • Pay as you go
  • Connect to your ERP, CRM, DAM and PIM

How it works?

Intuitive online 3D product configurator Management

Uses APIs to import and connect

API automation throughout for reduced costs and upscaling.

You choose your materials

Focus on your branding with familiar domain-driven materials.

You set the rules

Generate a 3D configurator for your product with your own customization rules.

You publish

A domain-name whitelist ensures that your configurators are not used on malicious websites.


They trust us

Eyewear manufacturer

Dyades logo

« At Dyades, our ambition is to turn eyewear into a true luxury through traditional know-how and cutting-edge technologies such as 3D. Apviz is a solution that meets our needs in every way. We have without a doubt THE most powerful personalization solution on the eyewear market. Our customers are amazed by their experience on our site, often described as a "Wow effect"! See for yourself: Dyades Paris. The Apviz team are experts in their field and were very helpful in advising us on how to get the best results and in helping us with the integration, which was already made much easier by the automatically generated coding. »

CEO of Dyades


Courbet logo

« The Apviz solution offered by Hapticmedia exceeds all our expectations. This groundbreaking tool enables us to remarkably meet our customers' expectations by providing an immersive and captivating 3D experience on our e-commerce website. Its 3D solution stands out thanks to its exceptional performance and efficiency, offering a seamless experience to our customers. Thanks to Apviz, our customers can explore our jewelry creations in detail. The exceptional quality of rendering allows them to visualize the project realistically, often sparking their enthusiasm and reinforcing their commitment in an industry as demanding and precise as jewelry, Apviz is an essential tool that provides impeccable customer service and remarkable efficiency in our field of excellence and precision. »

CEO & Co-founder of Courbet

Bicycle manufacturer

Origine Cycles logo

« With Hapticmedia and its 3D configurator SaaS tool Apviz, we were able to benefit from a strong player offering a complete and simple tool while keeping a great flexibility to meet the business constraints that are the strength of our products. Their support throughout the project, from kick-off to production, their training to increase the competence of our internal teams, allowed us to take advantage of all the power of the Apviz solution and the know-how of the Hapticmedia teams. »

IT Manager at Origine Cycles