Transform your CAD model into a killer sales tool

Customizable, efficient, secure SaaS 3D configurator

The advantages

Why choose our solution?

Our definition of Freedom : Unlimited possibilities !

Unlimited integrations and Unlimited views. Freedom is everything : Pay as you go, for what you consume, without commitment.

Stay connected
to your customers

  • Generate 3D Configurator
  • Real-time online PBR (physically based rendering)
  • 4.0 industry-connected solution
  • Dynamic engraving and silk printing
  • Online and retail try-on and AR
  • Import with your CAD software

time to market

  • 30% more efficient
  • Design can be validated and shared
  • Professional back-office
  • Domain-specific libraries and lighting

Reduce cost

  • APIs
  • Secure access
  • Cloud hosting
  • Pay as you go
  • Determine your own business policies
  • Connect to ERPs, CRMs, DAMs and PIMs
  • Automatic polygon decimation

How it works?

Intuitive configurator management

Uses APIs to import and connect

API automation throughout for reduced costs and upscaling.

You choose your materials

Focus on your branding with familiar domain-driven materials.

You set the rules

Generate a 3D configurator for your product with your own customization rules.

You publish

A domain-name whitelist ensures that your configurators are not used on malicious websites.