Online 3D Configurator
platform for commerce

Apviz is a Cloud-based 3D product configurator designed by Hapticmedia for e-commerce and retail.

How does it work ?


Describe your product and receive a quote


Connect your product lifecycle and publish your configurator


Manage and update your product as usual

Omni channel

Apviz is a SaaS platform that enables the creation of fully customizable 3D configurators that are embeddable on any Commerce Website.

This new experience is compatible with any device and browser, allowing end-users to get a better look at the product and its specifications within an immersive interface.



3D Engine

  • Real time WebGL 3D rendering with dynamic lighting
  • Physical based rendering pipeline (PBR) for better realism
  • Fine-tuned and ready-to-use materials and studio lights
Fast and lightweight
  • Size reduction with polygonal decimation
  • Adaptive rendering based on graphic card capabilities
  • On-demand lazy loading, so as to only load what is actually displayed
  • Multi-regional CDN distributed worldwide and based on geographic proximity for faster access
  • Compatible with any device from smartphone to tablet to desktop (no plugin required) and any browser
  • Offline mode for desktop applications like totems, or disconnected commercial workflows
  • Fully functional 2D fallback mode in case the device has non-existent or poor 3D capabilities

End User Experience

Augmented Reality
  • Full-browser support on any device (Android, iOS, etc.)
  • Real-time camera tracking on multiple objects
  • Many available tracking methods with or without markers (face recognition, etc.)
Virtual Reality
  • In-browser cardboard support for any mobile device (Android, iOS, etc.)
  • In-browser virtual reality headset support (Oculus, HTC Vive, etc.)
  • Interactive interface (drag and drop, immersive pop ups, etc.)
friendly interface
  • Opinionated UI that makes the configurator usable by anyone
  • Automatic positioning based on a smart camera focused on product highlighting
  • Integration with custom menu via the browser API
  • Smooth transitions to avoid flickering


  • Available to end users for product mass customization
  • Generate predefined combinations
  • Infinite variations based on business rules
  • Each variation is associated with a unique URL or ID to facilitate management and sharing
  • Full variation history that enables forking, rollback and analytics


  • 3D model import supporting standard OBJ format
  • Texture import that supports standard image formats (jpeg, png, etc.)
  • Ready-to-use material library and lighting sets
  • Batch and manual high quality (HQ) picture shooting (usable for print, web visuals, etc.)
  • Standard format exports for 3D models, textures, etc.
  • In general all data is exportable using our GraphQL API (no vendor locking)
  • Embedded validation process, with manual approving, etc.
  • Fully compatible with working on multiple environments (test, UAT, production, etc.)
  • Immutable distributions
  • Semantic versioning


  • Access control to any project and distribution
  • Role-based permissions
  • Domain whitelisting
  • Multi factor authentication (MFA) using SMS and/or TOTP applications such as Google Authenticator)
  • Automatic API key rotation and revocation
  • Administrator access to fine-grained audit logs

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