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  • Pay as you go, with no commitment
    • You pay only for what you get
    • No commitment!
  • Pay only when you go live with our service
    • There is no charge for time spent on conception
  • Predictable pricing
    • Clear rules allow you to predict budget
  • Sliding price scale based on volume
    • The more you use the platform, the lower the cost

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We offer two distinct services on our platform. They can be used together or separately, and each has a dedicated pricing model.

3D Configurator

Generate a 3D configurator for your product with your own customization rules and embed it in your website.

  • Pay by the month
  • Pay only when you have traffic on your website
  • Unit price goes down as you add configurability (sliding price scale)
  • Configurability determines pricing: you pay by field value


Automatically batch-generate product photos from a whole range of customization rules.

  • Pay by single generated image
  • The more images you generate, the lower the price

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In the overall era of Smart Industry and mass customization trend, we help you to increase your sales and margins by integrating your customers in the product design and supply chain.
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  • 1 month of free access
  • Up to 3 collaborators
  • Material library
  • 3D configurator with private access
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