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Generate 3D Configurator

Generate a 3D configurator for your product with your own customization rules and embed it in your website.

  • Seamless integration within your customer journey and marketing plan
  • Fluid, intuitive 3D experience
  • Easy Website integration. Compatible with all CMS and e-commerce platforms (Sitecore, Magento, Salesforce, WooCommerce, etc.)
  • Optimized for desktop and mobile devices as well as different operating systems and browsers
  • Hosted on a highly available CDN replicated over a global network of 138 points of presence in 63 cities in 29 countries.
  • Lifecycle management with immutable versions and releases
  • Dynamic image generation of the customer's customized product (using SDK)
  • JavaScript SDK for advanced user experience

Dynamic 3D Overlay

Advanced product customization with dynamic 3D overlay.

  • Text with custom fonts
  • Image with alpha PNG and vectorial SVG support
  • Engraving, embossing and silk-printing simulation
  • Positioning, rotation and scale

The setup

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CAD to web

Import your existing 3D models directly into Apviz with no manual preprocessing.

  • Import any of your CAD objects as OBJ files
  • Generate optimized bevel to enhance realism
  • Generate automatic UV mapping if needed
  • Generate optimized topology to improve loading and display performance
  • Object lifecycle management and versioning
  • All objects are encrypted at rest

Ready to use domain materials

Focus on your branding with familiar domain-driven materials.

  • Use a set of domain-driven materials (e.g., diamonds, gold, leather, fabrics and glass)
  • Define materials using familiar standardized domain settings
  • Physically based rendering for realism and lighting consistency
  • Fine-tune pre-existing materials to fit your brand identity
  • Import your own textures
  • Use a generic PBR material' when the pre-existing library doesn't fit your needs

Product Showcasing

Define your own artistic direction at showcase level.

  • Use a predefined set of domain-driven lighting settings
  • Import your own lighting settings
  • Set custom viewpoints
  • Set camera restrictions
  • Use a predefined set of domain oriented lighting settings
  • Set post-processing level, color balance and HSV filter sets


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Experimental feature

Virtual Try On

Enhance the customer experience with domain-driven virtual try-on.

  • Activatable on your existing 3D configurator
  • Real-time augmented reality
  • For both browser and offline applications (mobile, totem, etc.)
  • Marker-based and markerless tracking
  • Advanced body and hand tracking
Experimental feature


Automatically batch-generate product photos from a whole range of customization rules.

  • Server side mass image generation
  • Advanced batch management with customization, viewpoint, image resolution, etc.
  • Automatic image masking
  • Fast processing using parallel rendering to create a single downloadable ZIP file
  • Filename customization

The interface

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Complete online management on studio.apviz.io.

  • Domain-driven 3D editor
  • Private 3D configurator overview for internal presentations
  • Multiuser collaboration
  • Real-time dashboard
  • Interactive documentation


API automation throughout for reduced costs and upscaling.

  • API covers 100% of our features.
  • Connects to your information system for advanced automation
  • Remote GraphQL API
  • JavaScript SDK 3D configurator for the browser
  • Secured per-user API key management

Stay serene

A highly Secure Solution

Security, one of our main concerns, is enforced at all levels

  • A domain-name whitelist ensures that your configurators are not used on malicious websites
  • Two-factor authentication (2FA) available for all users
  • Fine-grained authorization can be set up for any user
  • Audit logs available in real time
  • All assets are encrypted at rest with AES-256
  • All emails sent by Apviz are secured with DKIM, SPF and DMARC to prevent spoofing
  • The Apviz back-office is regularly scanned for security issues and is scored A+ on Mozilla Observatory
  • Connections to our platform are enforced through SSL using HSTS

Stay serene

Data Governance

Any information you provide to Apviz and everything you do on our platform belongs to you and will always be your property

  • Delete or access your data at any time
  • Apviz will never sell your data to third parties
  • The 3D configurator embedded on your website does not track end-user activity and tracks only minimal website information for billing purposes
  • A configurator is private by default; you can choose to make it public and switch back at any time
  • We adhere to the principle of datensparsamkeit (data frugality), which means accessing only the data we need for the features we provide
  • Technical logs are used internally only for debugging and are automatically deleted after a short period of time

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