Everything you need to know about Apviz



Can I draw my 3D models with Apviz?

No. Apviz is not a 3D modeling software. You design your 3D models with your favourite tool and then import them into Apviz, where you can fine-tune your setup and materials.

Can I integrate Apviz with my ERM and WebShop solutions?

Apviz provides generic programmatic interfaces (API) that enable integration within IT systems. Apviz provides a browser side JavaScript API and a remote GraphQL API to connect any PIM, DAM and PLM solution.
In fact, Apviz has use case integrations with major actors like Magento, Prestashop, Salesforce, Sitecore and Aprimo.

Why does Apviz remote API use GraphQL instead of REST?

GraphQL provides a more efficient, powerful and flexible alternative to REST. Our GraphQL implementation also supports Relay and Apollo client standards to offer you single fetching, realtime and offline capabilities.

Does the 3D configurator work offline?

Yes. We provide a solution to bundle 3D configurator distributions and to include them in offline applications such as totems or for disconnected commercial workflows.

Is there any documentation available?

Our documentation is not publicly available yet, so please contact us.

Business Model

Is Apviz a Software as a Service Solution (SaaS)?

Yes. The platform is on the Cloud and all our features are grouped into modules that you are free to compose with. You only pay for what you actually use.
With Apviz SaaS you are automatically and continuously delivered eventual bug fixes and features.

Is usage and integration of the configurator limited?

No. You can integrate the 3D configurator on any number of Websites you want. There are also no limitations to the number of requests/views and no impact on pricing.

How can I find out about your pricing?

Our pricing isn't publicly available yet, so please contact us.

Do you provide consultancy?

Yes. We provide consultancy on 3D modeling as well as setting WebApp UX. See Hapticmedia for more details.

Performance and availability

How many simultaneous connections does Apviz support?

Apviz is a highly available platform based on microservices and designed with infinite scalability in mind. Apviz handles more that 10 million requests a day.
For better performance, Apviz actually integrates a CDN to replicate public data all over a global network of 138 points of presence in 63 cities across 29 countries:

How stable is Apviz?

Every time a custom 3D configurator is distributed (via the back-office or the GraphQL API), an immutable release is built by the platform and replicated all over the world. The versioning follows semver specification. This means that if you're happy with the 3D configurator you've just released, there is no reason it will break down or disappoint your users over time.

Are the 3D configurators viewable from China?

There are neither availability nor performance problems with China. In fact, we have 3 edge locations in China.

Data governance and Security

Where exactly is my data located?

All your data is located in Europe on AWS, with the exception of publicly available data, which is replicated all over the world via our CDN for better performance.

Are my 3D models safe?

The original 3D models are encrypted and only you have access to them. Note that we have have a strong security policy regarding our staff and their access to the data (individual and revocable access keys, etc.).
All 3D models actually displayed in the public configurator are also protected to be only displayed on whitelisted domains of your choice.
You can permanently delete any of your data either manually or with an expiration period.

Is Apviz compliant with GDPR?

Of course. First of all, we fully agree with GDPR and we are supporters of datensparsamkeit. Also, as an European company with European clients, we have to abide by the law.
For example, when storing end user variations, we don't have access to any personal data and the end user identifier is encrypted before being stored in our databases.

What happens if I decide to stop using Apviz?

Apviz doesn't have any vendor locking system. All your data is yours and you can import it or delete it permanently at any time.

How many variations can my product have?

Apviz does not limit the number of variations. All variations are managed via the back-office or the GraphQL API, providing a flexible and scalable configurator that can have millions of variations.

Do you provide analytics?

Apviz is not an analytics platform but we do provide some dashboards and allow analytics data to be exported into your existing system.

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