Announcing the general availability of Apviz

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Today, we are very excited to announce the general availability of Apviz - your customizable, efficient and secure SaaS 3D configurator in the cloud. 🎉

Since our preview announcement, many customers are using the service to increase ROI with beautiful 3D configurators integrations on their e-commerce website, PIM life cycle management through GraphQL API, packshot generation and more.

During this journey we had a lot of feedback from our first customers and we are pleased to announce many improvements.

What's new


  • Public releases are now strongly separated from private ones and are now distributed on a distinct domain. Thanks to this architectural separation, public release has reached 99.99% SLA (Service Level Agreement) and is ready for massive views.
  • Public and private accessibility settings have moved from showcase level to release level, giving you fine grained control.
  • Domain access has been renamed domain protection and is now optional, meaning that if you don't need domain protection. You only have to leave domain protection settings empty.
  • Experimental packshot is now available as a preview feature on request. If you are interested in this feature please contact us.

Website integration

We've made breaking changes on the JavaScript SDK.

Starting today, new releases will require you to call:

await showcase.updateConfiguration({ configuration });

Instead of:

await showcase.update(configuration);

You can find the documentation on the release integration page as usual.

This new function signature brings us flexibility for the future. Don't worry about your current website integration, thanks to release immutability, old releases are kept unchanged.


We made many improvements, including:

  • Significant performance improvement when displaying multiple gems at the same time. Particularly fast on mobile.
  • 30% memory footprint reduction on SSAO (Screen Space Ambient Occlusion).
  • Default lighting environment texture has been updated with improved rendering and 10% size reduction. This will be effective on new showcases, existing showcases lighting will not change.
  • On release creation, all field values that you have set will be included. Regardless of them being associated or not with a material. This allows using "no" field values.
  • Increase some material attributes precision. E.g. Glass absorption distance, gold and metal finish width, etc.
  • Many studio UX improvements.


We really care about your demands and want your website integration to be as stable as possible. In order to bring maximum availability to Apviz users, our engineering team decoupled our public infrastructure from the private one. This separation allows us to guarantee 99.99% SLA on public 3D configurators, which are critical, because it is deeply integrated with your customer journey.

What’s next

We continue to listen to our customers to prioritize and ship new features and updates. Several key features will be enabled in the coming months:

  • Centralized support ticketing.
  • Experimental try-on preview on request.
  • Ability to duplicate materials from a showcase to another one with the GraphQL API.

We always welcome any feedback and suggestions. You can make suggestions by contacting us.

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